To New Beginnings … we have been adopted!

We are humbled and excited to be offered hosting for our firms business operations. The kind people at Live Sessions, namely the studio’s In-Charge Zulfaiz, have allowed us to setup a presence in their premises. We look forward to developing more opportunities on both fronts.

I thank Zulfaiz and Jep, for believing in my vision, and being so welcoming. After grinding the past 2 years, their offer has made an emotional uptick in my life.

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I am positively charged for 2018, and look forward to serve both ours, and Live Sessions clients.

With that, I think I owe it to our readers to report what has been going on since 2015. The promises of premium courses and attaining competencies in live sound production engineering operations.

For the whole of 2016, I had spent time learning what would be good strategies to bring value to who I’ve identified as people in need. The need however, is not something that would be widely considered as something important to have  — more like something that is nice to have.

Throughout 2016 I’d label it as turmoil. While building course curriculum, I realised that I had been creating in a vacuum, and the framework that I was trained in to train learners to attain skills had a problem in it that made the course building fall apart, the further up in the cognitive taxonomy I worked on, the more things didn’t make sense to me. I couldn’t reconcile what I knew what an operator had to do to accomplish a flawless performance, with the advance levels of thinking required to react to stimulus. I had Blooms, then I had KSA(Knowledge Skills Attitude/Abilities). What broke was working up from basic cognitive levels in the taxonomy to higher up in the table. While working on the course material to transform a candidate to master a skill, I was trying to force a psychomotor concept on a cognitive framework. I didn’t realise it until months later.

If you see or hear this, do this step … if you see or hear that, do the other step. Everything that was discussed in the training videos, has it’s application in the training simulation. This reflects real life situations, with the candidate under pressure to perform under a ticking stopwatch.

Here’s a video by Ken Thomas

Now I compartmentalise Blooms to “K” in the KSA; and drop Psychomotor on “S” and Affective on “A”. I see KSAs differently now, before I saw it as one whole cognitive skill, that was coupled to the Practical or Performance Criteria. Now I know

Watch the video again, but this time, replace the Firefighter with a Live Sound Engineering Technician.

SANSANSAN Live Sound Training

After grinding some more in 2017, to adapt to different learner demands and pivoting a few times, we’ve finally have a space, provided by the kind folks at Live Sessions to deliver what our learners have been asking for.

Real, hands on, non-academic training, that is engaging, not boring. Our premium courses offer, phone and email support, directly from our instructors, to help you in any situation.

I thank you for your support, and we promise to work even harder in 2018.

Happy 2018 folks, don’t write the wrong date~

New Blog Posts and Training Courseware

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I’m excited to announce I’ll be starting a series of blog posts—that I hope will evolve into—virtual reality video/tutorial blogs and courseware for learners.

This post and other posts in the other blog categories coming soon are intended to help you the—technician, operator, musician, manager, and owner—to create the best outcome in how your live amplified performances sound. Continue reading “New Blog Posts and Training Courseware”